Best Travel Places to Discover Post Quarantine in India – Northeast Now

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has hit us, we have been stuck in our homes. It has been almost a year we are deprived of going out of our homes. Staying in our homes for so long while living a monotonous life can negatively affect our minds and cause problems like over-stress and depression.

However, with the invention of the vaccine, there is a ray of hope that this year we can finally go out, travel somewhere, and relax our minds. Exploring new places by yourself or with your close ones will give you a break you need and deserve. The peace and quiet environment with new things to see everywhere will refresh your mind, and you can go back to your work with new energy and enthusiasm.

Since you are still stuck in your homes, you might want to plan your travel destination after this quarantine ends. So here are some of the best travel places to visit post quarantine in India.

1. Sikkim

There is no place better than a hill station where you can explore the mountains and forests or simply sit on your balcony and look at the golden tipped mountains or the lush green hills. And Sikkim is one of the best places to visit post-quarantine.

Located in the lap of the Great Himalayas, once you visit Sikkim, you will be mesmerized by its prismatic beauty. The hills full of vegetation, the flowing rivers, the calm lakes will make you feel both the force and calmness of mother nature. You can also visit their Buddhist monasteries to experience their ancient and rich culture. You also have the chance to do exciting adventure activities. So, get ready to experience that adrenaline rush on the lap of nature.

All of these will definitely give you the refreshment and energy you need to get back to your normal life.

There are several other hill stations where you can go and experience similar beauty.

2. Gurez Valley, Kashmir

If you want to discover someplace new, then you can go to this unexplored valley in Kashmir. You can enjoy the amazing landscapes and gushing rivers while breathing its cool air, calming you down from the inside.

You can see shepherds and fields everywhere, giving you the feel of scenes from movies. You can check out Wular Lake, Razdan Pass, Peer Baba Shrine.

The best thing about this area is that it is located right below the Line of Control, making it one of the most protected areas in India. So, if you want to go somewhere new, then this is the place where you will definitely feel secure.

The best time to visit is from May to September to experience the cool environment while enjoying all of its beauty.

3. Kila Raipur

If you want to experience the rich athletic heritage of India, then add Kila Raipur to your “must visit” list. Every year the Rural Olympics takes place in February, so get ready to enjoy some of the most engaging games originating in India.

However, Kila Raipur is more than its Olympics. You can enjoy its vibrant culture and people. The festivals, dance performances, traditional plays are something that will remain etched into your mind.

The energy in its people and these exciting sports make it one of the best places that you can discover post quarantine.

4. Amadubi, Jharkhand

If you are a lover of art, then you have got to visit this place. Unexplored and underrated, this village is the home of chitrakars and Paitkar paintings.

This place has been the residence of several artists and pictorial storytellers for hundreds of years. The chitrakars painted on scrolls, telling us legends of the past using pictures. Even though this form of art is not popular, it is worth your time to visit and visualize stories of the past.

Besides its art, you can experience its rich rice delicacies and huts that remind you of ancient India. You can also get to experience colorful festivals like Tusu Parab, Dansai, their agricultural festivals, and dances if you visit during September to Mid-March.

You can gather lots of souvenirs from here. You can take home Dokra art, Mithila Sarees, and Paitkar paintings. You can design your home with the rich artworks of this unexplored place in India.

5. Coorg, Karnataka

After this quarantine ends, you might want to visit somewhere romantic to spend time with your life partner. Coorg is located near Bangalore and is known for its aromatic coffee estates, beautiful waterfalls, and hills that can mesmerize your eyes.

You can stroll through the coffee plantations, trek to Abbey Falls, go for a sail in the Cauvery River or look at the beautiful night sky while camping overnight.

The beautiful hills and scenery create the perfect romantic experience for you and your partner to enjoy. Experience the rich flora and fauna in the day and clear skies at night. Don’t forget to check out Nagarhole National Park, Dubare Elephant Park, and Namdroling Monastery.

You can check out some other honeymoon places in India to visit post quarantine.

6. Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

Dedicated to Lord Veerabhadra, the fierce and fearsome form of Lord Shiva, Lepakshi Temple is a place you can discover to experience the rich art and culture of India.

The temple is known for preserving beautiful artifacts from times as old as the 16th century. Legends say that the name Leepakshi is related to Jatayu in Ramayana.

You can see the beautiful wall paintings depicting stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata. The main attraction of this temple is its hanging pillar. This miracle of science has been standing straight for centuries without any base to hold the pillar to the ground.

You can also visit the Jatayu Theme Park when you come to visit Lepakshi. The best time to visit is from November to March.

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