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  • Coronavirus has interrupted travel on a global scale forcing travelers to cancel and reassess plans in the coming weeks and months. 
  • As travel editors and writers, we feel the strain not only on our coverage but on our own plans and passports. We too are hunkered down at home, following guidelines from CDC, WHO, and health officials to encourage social distancing.
  • But we never stop thinking about travel. In fact, we’re focused on it more than ever, dreaming of the places we’ll go as soon as this ends. We asked the writers and editors who contribute to Insider Reviews travel to tell us the places they’ve bookmarked to go first. 
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A note from your Insider Reviews travel editor: Coronavirus has interrupted travel on a global scale forcing travelers to cancel and reassess plans in the coming weeks and months. We understand that right now is a challenging time to plan travel. But when this time passes and things return to normal, we know you’ll be eager to explore the world again.

Whenever that happens for you, and we know it will, we hope our travel content helps you make informed, useful, and inspiring choices on the best places and hotels to book. So whether you use our reviews now, bookmark them for the future, or simply need an escape from the news, we’ll continue to share the world with you. In the meantime, we encourage all travelers to stay safe, follow guidelines from the CDC website, and take precautions.

As a travel editor, I’m deeply focused on discovering and sharing inspiring places, must-book hotels, and affordable yet dreamy resorts. 

And as someone who simply just loves to travel, I’m also always thinking about where I want to go next.

For me, that was supposed to be Santorini, where I envisioned spending my birthday sipping something delightful while perched on the edge of a private infinity pool overlooking the glittering sea. 

Instead, like most people around the world right now, I’ll just be hunkered down at home, practicing vigilant social distancing. The only exploring I’ll be doing is taking a walk around the block — but only if I can keep six feet away from others — and peering out my front window.

But I also know this difficult time will eventually end. And when it does, I’m going straight to Santorini. Or maybe Hawaii. Palm Springs is always a good idea. Because while I can’t travel right now, thinking about the world out there, and where I’ll go first, distracts and transports me out of my isolated corner of Queens, New York, if only for a moment.  

And I’m not alone. I reached out to fellow travel editors and writers who review the best hotels and places for Insider Reviews to find out which properties are top of mind. These are the 13 places we’re going first, as soon as we can, from beach resorts to desert escapes and mountain retreats. We hope to see you there.

Keep reading for 13 hotels and places the Insider Reviews travel team can’t wait to visit.

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